Fresh meat dan




Robert Webb

Dan is a Geology lecturer who desperately attempts to portray how 'down with the kids' he really is.  Dan often seeks means to 'hang out' with students outside of class - inviting students to the bars; this suggests that Dan is very lonely character with deep emotional damage, leading him to ask in improper ways. Dan is overtly perverse in nature around many characters, which makes Kingsley and others wary of him.

In the first series, JP exploits Dan's lust to befriend students in order to get answers for an upcoming Geology exam. However, the papers are switched at the last minute. Kingsley momentarily leaves Geology for Drama, much to Dan's dismissal and he reacts coldly when Kingsley pleads to switch back to Geology. After an unknown student leaves the university, Dan allows Kingsley to re-enter his course.

In the second series, Kingsley files an anonymous complaint against Dan, however Dan finds out it was him whilst on a field trip with Kingsley and JP. Enraged he leaves Kingsley running after the student bus in the countryside.