Episode 1.8
Series 01, Episode 08
Air Date 16 November 2011
Previous Episode 1.7
Next Episode 2.1

Episode 1.8 is the eigth and last episode of the series one of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 16 November 2011.

Summary Edit

Vod is unconcerned by her impending expulsion from university, despite Oregon's attempts to persuade her to appeal. Josie starts binge-drinking and sleeping with random strangers in an attempt to embrace single life, much to Kingsley's annoyance. Paul Lamb's mother asks Howard to keep an eye on her son, who has apparently had a nervous breakdown.

Howard does this by installing cameras around the house and inadvertently records an embarrassing video of Paul, which JP gets hold of. JP finds himself agreeing to pay for Ralph's 'Love Cloud' club night in return for a DJ slot, and when he discovers it clashes with his father's funeral he tries to make arrangements to attend both with the help of a lift from Ralph's friend. Tony Shales expects Oregon to move into his new apartment, but she is unsure and decides to spend time both at the apartment and at the house.

During an awkward dinner party at the apartment, attended by the housemates and Tony Shales' middle-aged lecturer friends, Josie and Kingsley's initially subtle sniping at each other erupts into an all-out argument. The housemates come to JP's rescue when Ralph's friend lets him down, and they all accompany him to his father's funeral. Afterwards, Kingsley resolves to confess his true feelings for Josie, after learning she always talks about him when she's drunk.

At the Love Cloud night, JP finds his DJ slot has been given to someone else, and that Ralph is claiming to have paid for the night himself. Vod is outraged and tells everyone that it was funded by JP, who then dedicates the night to his father and finally stands up to Ralph. Meanwhile, Vod agrees to appeal her expulsion and Oregon abandons Tony Shales. Ralph's friends have got hold of the video of Paul, and Howard claims it is in fact him in the video to save Paul from the embarrassment.

Kingsley is unable to find Josie to tell her how he feels, and gets kicked out of the club after being hit by Ralph. He returns home, to find Josie and JP having sex – which a surprised Josie miserably tells Kingsley was because 'I couldn't find you'. In the final scenes, Oregon and Vod reconcile and prepare for her appeal, JP finally begins to mourn his father, Josie goes to Kingsley's room, presumably to reconcile with him, but is upset to find that a frustrated Kingsley has left early, and Howard is blow-drying a Peking duck (as shown in the opening scene in the series) – a thank-you gift from Paul.