Episode 2.4
Series 02, Episode 04
Air Date 30 October 2012
Previous Episode 2.3
Next Episode 2.5

Episode 2.4 is the fourth episode of the series two of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 30 October 2012.

Summary Edit

JP has invited the gang to stay at his mother's country house in Cornwall for the Spring holidays. Kingsley initially decides to stay in Manchester with Heather, but she persuades him to join them, and Howard stays behind in order to call his computer company's customer services. After Howard spends the whole weekend on the phone, Sabine gets bored and persuades him to have sex with her.

In Cornwall, JP's mother reveals she is selling the house. Enraged, JP resolves to barricade the gang inside the house to prevent potential buyers from viewing it, while drinking all 147 bottles of his father's wine. Oregon finds herself receiving abuse on Twitter for Tony Shales having an LGBT magazine closed down, and tries to persuade Vod to engage in lesbian experimentation with her in an effort to dispel the rumours that she is homophobic, but Vod turns her down, saying Oregon is "too straight," so she instead takes a photograph of herself kissing Josie.

Kingsley becomes concerned when Heather mentions a man named Mike in one of her texts, while Vod discovers some letters of JP's father's to an illicit lover, revealing that he was not what JP thought he was. Josie, meanwhile, is bitter because her ex-fiance, Dave, is getting married, and she drunkenly tries to steal Oregon's car to gatecrash the wedding. When Kingsley tries to stop her, she confronts him for his role in Dave breaking up with her, and orders him to drive her up to Wales himself.

There, she changes her mind about Dave, and reassures Kingsley that Heather likes him. However, she overhears him telling Heather that he loves her over the phone, and her eyes fill with tears. Back in Cornwall, JP is burning the last of his possessions, tearfully resolving to give up on the house and return to Manchester with his father's ashes. Vod and Oregon console him, and Vod discreetly throws JP's father's letters onto the fire so that he will not find out about them.