Episode 2.5
Series 02, Episode 05
Air Date 6 November 2012
Previous Episode 2.4
Next Episode 2.6

Episode 2.5 is the fifth episode of the series two of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 6 November 2012.

Summary Edit

After Josie accidentally leaves her front door key in the door before going for a night out with Heather, the house is broken into. Among the things that are stolen are Oregon's camera and the urn containing JP's father's ashes. To ensure that the insurance covers it, Josie smashes a window to make it look like a forced entry. Vod falls madly in love with Al, the man who is repairing the lock, but Howard convinces Oregon that he is a potential perpetrator. JP sees an opportunity to make a new friend with him, and Vod eventually has sex with him. Oregon, meanwhile, meets an attractive librarian named Dylan, and falls for him.

Josie's problems get worse when she turns up to her dentistry practical drunk, and makes a horrific mistake, for which she is summoned before a disciplinary hearing and kicked off her course. Kingsley is suspicious, and eventually forces Heather to confess that the break-in was caused by Josie. Howard embarks on an investigation into the break-in, and accuses Sabine - whom he resents because of the previous episode - of having left the door unlocked. Kingsley takes Josie outside and tells her that if she does not confess, he will do it for her. Before she can protest, he tells her that he knows what she did, and that he thought she was better than that. Josie, seeing all the hurt her actions have caused, breaks down and cries into his shoulder. She eventually searches in a nearby skip, and finds the urn containing JP's father's ashes. Unfortunately, she accidentally spills them.