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Episode 2.6
Series 02, Episode 06
Air Date 13 November 2012
Previous Episode 2.5
Next Episode 2.7

Episode 2.6 is the sixth episode of the series two of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 13 November 2012.


Kingsley is dissatisfied with the quality of Dan's teaching, and makes an official complaint. However, JP and Howard do not back him up - JP because he had changed his mind, and Howard because Dan had got him a summer internship with Shell.

Things come to a head on a field trip in the Pennines when JP gets trapped on a ledge, and admits to Kingsley that Heather had walked in on him in the shower, which is why he's been acting awkward around her. As a result, Kingsley refuses to help him down, and the two get into an argument. Howard, meanwhile, abandons them when Sabine texts him saying she wants to have sex, only to come home and find the offer is no longer standing, to his fury.

Dan is infuriated to learn that he has had a complaint lodged against him, and even angrier when he learns that it was Kingsley, and deliberately drives off without him, though not before forcing him to chase the van on a broken leg (which JP had fallen on in an effort to escape the ledge). Oregon, meanwhile, is happily in a relationship with Dylan, and Vod, initially suspicious of him, proclaims him to be "Mr. Perfect."

However, when his father calls, she discovers that he is Tony Shales's son, and throws his phone into a lake whilst panicking. Vod, meanwhile, is relieved that her RAF bursary has finally come through, but learns that she must now pass a drug test to qualify for it. She borrows some "clean" urine from Josie, but it doesn't pass because Josie is on Beta blockers.

Josie, meanwhile, has been kicked off her course for her irresponsibility in the previous episode, though she is hiding this from the housemates. When an attempt to petition herself an appeal fails, she asks Heather to do the same thing she did on a willing subject, to 'normalise' the mistake in the eyes of the other students. Heather is hesitant to take the risk, and after seeing Josie and Kingsley being affectionate towards each other, becomes suspicious that she still harbours feelings for him. When the time comes to do the deed, Heather refuses, and the pair end up arguing over Kingsley, before uneasily reconciling.