Episode 3.1
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date 4 November 2013
Previous Episode 2.8
Next Episode 3.2

Episode 3.1 is the first episode of the series three of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 4 November 2013.

Summary Edit

As the friends begin their second year at Manchester Medlock, they welcome new fresher Candice into the house. Vod and Oregon return from their trip to South America separately with a hint of tension between them, and Oregon finds herself taking care of the naive Candice.

Josie, meanwhile, is lonely in Southampton, and attempts to compensate for it by spending hours on Skype. Kingsley denies having a relationship with either her or Heather, while Howard and JP try to coax female freshers to join their skiing society. Vod's summer fling, Javier, unexpectedly arrives and it becomes clear that Vod had forced Oregon to translate for her whenever she and Javier were together.

JP and Howard's skiing society is exposed as an attempt to pull girls, who desert the group en masse at their house party, though not before Howard successfully scores, to JP's shock. With nothing else to do, the gang decide to go to Southampton to attend a "traffic light" party that Josie has invited them to. JP attempts to flaunt his social status to win girls over, but these fail, while Kingsley suggests to Josie that they remain friends and Candice ends up taking drugs and drinking, which end in her being sick.

That night, as the gang are sleeping in Josie's room, JP is awakened by a sound coming from the bed, and he, Vod and Howard realise that Kingsley and Josie are very discreetly having sex, and upon waking up Oregon (who is sleeping next to them) and warning her, she creates a scene, resulting in JP suggesting that they engage in an orgy, humiliating himself. The next day, Josie and Kingsley decide to start dating, to the delight of the group, but on the bus ride home, Javier decides to rip up his ticket and stay in Britain illegally, to the dismay of Oregon and Vod. Back in Manchester, Kingsley decides to break up with Heather properly, rather than by text, while Howard goes on his date. Both end up unsuccessful - Howard loses his nerve outside the pub, and Kingsley soon discovers that Heather still believes they are together, and she reveals that her grandfather is dying, putting him in a dilemma.