Sophie Wu


Densitry student

Relationship Status


Relationship history

Kingsley (ex-boyfriend)


Josie (formerly)

Josie's friend and fellow dentistry student, and later Kingsley's girlfriend.

She and Josie first met on the dentistry course at the university, and they quickly became friends. Heather is later introducted to Josie's fellow housemates, and she takes a shine to Kingsley. Kingsley originally thinks Heather is stalking him (which it later turns out that she was stalking him), but he soon falls for her and they get together. Heather and Kingsley's relationship forms a rift between herself and Josie, as Josie still has feelings for Kingsley. Heather and Kingsley continue to grow closer and at the end of the second series, they buy an apartment and move in together. Kingsley later regrets his decision when he and Josie hook up at a party and he realises she's who he wants to be with. Josie later leaves to move to Southhampton, leaving Kingsley stranded in a relationship he no longer wishes to be in.

In the third series, Heather returns after the summer break to inform Kingsley that her grandfather is dying. Kingsley becomes torn between his feelings for both girls, and in episode two of series 3 Heather meets up with Kingsley at a party to inform him that her grandfather has died, and that she must return to Hong Kong. She then feels that she's not in the right frame of mind for a relationship and she breaks up with Kingsley. She is however unaware that this frees Kingsley to pursue Josie. Heather is back in Manchester in episode 7 of series 3 and she attendes Howard's birthday party in the hope of rekindling her love with Kingsley. She is sadden to find that Kingsley has formed a new relationship with Josie. She is then told by JP that whilst Kinglsey was still with Heather, he had already begin an new relationship with Josie. She is even more upset by this and she decides to tell Josie, which causes a huge argument to kick off.